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Solving Rubik's Cube in less than 1 Second?

Onsdag D. 29-09-2021, 12:45-13:15
Theater 3


What was previously considered unreasonable must be re-evaluated based on current and future technology.

What happens if we apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve tasks, and how can we utilize these technologies within Cyber Security? We operate in a world where we must handle incredible amounts of data while being expected to handle it faster, be more secure, comply with regulations and policies - and all this with less resources and a lack of skilled analysts. What opportunities (and challenges) can ML / AI bring to the table?

The possibilities within IoT are endless, we are moving towards a world using API's to manage and share information. The main drivers for integration are business benefits and simplicity, but sometimes at the expense of security. Let Micro Focus share how to handle these challenges in an equally fast, secure and evolving way using Analytics and Machine Learning.


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Sören Pettersson
Micro Focus
Senior Sales Engineer, CISSP


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