Do you want to exhibit at Infosecurity Denmark 2021?

Sales Manager
Helle Francois Andersen
E-mail: hfa@version2.dk
phone:  +45 20 34 15 38

With your participation in Infosecurity Denmark, Version2 Data & Cloud Expo you are part of the largest IT network in Denmark. Discover which (free) marketing tools we offer so that you can make full use of our and your network in the run-up to the fair. Turn your participation from a two-day exhibition to 365 days visibility!

As an exhibitor at Infosecurity Denmark, Version2 Data & Cloud Expo you have the login site TaskCommunicator.


Upload information and distribution
You can upload different types of information about your company such as a brief description of your company, together with your logo, subjects/themes, relevant whitepapers, links for webinars and information regarding potential speaker sessions. 

The information will be forwarded to our website and app where the visitors can read about you, download your whitepapers both before, during and after the Infosecurity event.    

Leads and statistics
If you present talks/sessions, the visitors are able to sign up for your specific talks in the programme. Here you will have access to your own list of leads based on programme selections. Additionally, you can scan the visitors’ badge at the event when they arrive at your talks/session. You will furthermore acquire a list of leads based on your whitepapers.

During the event, you can scan the visitors’ badge at your stand and attach brief notes on them through our app.

From your dashboard you can keep track of statistics on the various choices. 

If you have any questions regarding TaskCommunicator and your exhibitor profile, please do not hesitate to contact Henrik Bækgaard at heb@version2.dk

How does the VIP program work?

VIP Criteria:
In order to be selected as a VIP you must be one of following:

  • Decision-maker
  • End-user

Step 1: Invite all your relations via your personal registration link from July 5th 2021 until September 10th 2021. Of course you can still invite relations after September 10th 2021, however these relations cannot participate in the VIP program.

Step 2: On September 15th 2021 you will receive a complete list of the VIP's we've selected based on the VIP criteria. You will have until September 17th 2021 before 09AM to check the selection and give us feedback.

Step 3
: We will send your VIPs a personal VIP entrance badge in your name.

Who are VIP’s?
The VIP program is aimed at IT professionals working in the role of end user / customer of the ICT solution (products and services).

Eligible: IT Manager, IT specialist, Security Officer, Storage Manager & IT administrator / administrator
Not eligible: Visitors with a profile as IT supplier or provider (IT manufacturer, -reseller or -distributor) are not eligible, as are visitors with a job position such as sales, marketing, teacher or student.

Do you have any questions regarding the VIP-program? Please contact us via heb@version2.dk.